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Pre-planning appraisals

Our planning and development appraisals assess development potential, land use planning and the relevant local planning policies, providing you with an understanding of the likelihood of development opportunity at your site. Clients find this particularly useful when purchasing land or
buildings at auction.

We provide pre-planning appraisals within 5 – 10 days of instruction and this includes a full written report detailing the viability of your site and what you may be able to do in terms of its redevelopment.

Pre-planning appraisals set out the details of Local Policy, the history of your site, the relevant planning position in relation to the area in which your site is based and the likelihood of you receiving planning permission for specific types of development or, more generally, what the site is able to produce.  Our pre-planning appraisal service, ensures that the advice is tailored specifically to you and your site, and not to the Local Planning Authority agenda.

Pre-application discussions & negotiations

On occasion we will consider that the site, on balance, is difficult to assess due to possible conflicting factors. For example, you may have a site which appears to be large enough for redevelopment for ten houses but due to the ecology in the area, the area of land that you may use could be severely restricted. Accordingly, where there are balancing factors that we cannot be certain of being able to control, within the planning process, we can organise pre-application negotiations with the Local Authority.

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