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Our services

Sutherland Property and Legal Services can help with a wide range of planning and legal matters.  We are based in the South West but operate nationwide.  So whether you want to build a new house or extend your property, need rural planning guidance or develop commercial premises contact us today to see how we can help you.

Pre-planning appraisals

We produce fixed fee planning appraisals which assess development potential, planning history and the relevant local planning policies. These appraisals provide you with an understanding of the likelihood of development opportunity at your site and can be particularly useful when purchasing land or buildings at auction.

Planning Applications

We deal with all types of planning application:

  • Agricultural land and buildings
  • Commercial property
  • Residential schemes
  • Householder development
  • Certificates of lawfulness
  • Exercise of PD rights

After recommending the best course of action and the type of application required we produce, co-ordinate, manage and negotiate your planning application for you. We can provide the relevant architectural plans required, or work with your architect, and, where necessary, lead on council briefings and representation at committee meetings.

Planning Appeals

We can help you appeal against the refusal of your planning permission or against unacceptable planning conditions attached to an approval issued by local authority. In addition, we manage Enforcement Notice appeals to which the guidance below also applies. We submit and manage written representations, informal hearings and public Inquiry appeals. We have the experience and skills to also carry out the advocacy in-house reducing the need for instructing a barrister.


SPLS has significant experience in dealing with all enforcement issues, whether enforcement action is threatened or it has been taken. If you have received a Planning Contravention Notice, an Enforcement Notice or a Stop Notice (either Temporary or Full) the Local Authority considers there has been a breach of planning law and you require advice immediately.

Permitted Development

We offer advice in relation to the exercise of permitted development rights as set out within the Government’s General Permitted Development Order. Effectively, Permitted Development (PD) allows certain groups of people to be able to carry out development without having to apply for planning permission.  We offer services in three areas:

  • Permitted development for householders
  • Permitted development for Agricultural land and building owners
  • Permitted development for operators of commercial premises


We have an in-house architectural and design service that can provide the range of plans required starting with a site survey from which we can work up drawings of any existing buildings and then your new proposals. 

Legal Services

Our founding director is a qualified solicitor who has practised planning law for in excess of 20 years. As a result we are able to offer a range of incidental legal services necessary to the planning process.